Club Level Restricted ATT

The process for getting an Authorization to Transport for restricted firearms can get quite complicated and confusing sometimes. Unlike our neighbours to the south getting permission to take restricted firearms to a gun range may take months. Certain prohibited firearms you will never be able to take to a range (under current Canadian laws).



So you want to own a handgun and be able to legally shoot it in Canada. Here’s what you need to do

  1. Complete the non-restricted test (taking a course is usually optional)
  2. Complete the restricted test (again course is possibly optional)
  3. Apply for firearms licence (PAL). Takes approx. 2 ½ months.
  4. May now purchase non-restricted firearms.
  5. Join a gun-club.
  6. Purchase a restricted firearm.
  7. Take it home after approval process (and there it stays until 8 – 10 are done).
  8. Take CFO approved Handgun Safety class.
  9. Shoot 4 -6 times under supervision using club provided handguns.
  10. Club applies for an ATT on your behalf (3 – 6 weeks)
  11. Receive ATT, now you can take restricted firearms to any approved handgun range for sport shooting.
  12. Usual start to finish time……hang on……5 – 6 months if all goes well.

Most Ontario gun clubs follow something close to the above steps. Some clubs insist you be a member for 6 months before even starting the ATT process. Other clubs require a “holster certification course” before you can play some of the games like Cowboy Action, IPSC or IDPA. Certain clubs charge for the mandatory safety classes, some clubs charge an annual fee for the club ATT. Be sure to ask about the hidden costs before applying to be a member.

RRGC has adopted a flexible process for acquiring an ATT which is dependent upon the level of training and experience the incoming new member has. Download the file ATT-RRGC Process 2014 to see the details. The complete process is also printed out in the Shooting Club Policy – CFO ON handout below. If you’re still confused send us an email at  or use the Contact Us tab at the bottom of the main webpage.

RRGC Members may use the Handgun Safety Training  Course Booklet download for their use during our ATT courses.