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RRGC has three fully certified firearms and hunter education instructors on site delivering courses on a monthly basis throughout Kent-Essex-Lambton counties.

ONTARGET2Canadian Firearms Safety Course       This is a basic entry level course in safe gun handling using modern rifles, shotguns and ammunition. Students learn the ACTS and PROVE, loading & unloading, carries, sights, shooting positions, care and cleaning of firearms etc.


Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course                                            This is the companion course to the CFSC but this time with single and double action revolvers as well as single and double action semi-automatic handguns. Discussed is the social responsibilities of a gun owner, transportation permits, storage, display and transport regulations along with the regular topics listed above.

 Ontario Hunter Education Course                                                                            An intensive 12.5 hour course that deals with subjects as diverse as Game Management , Ecology, Wildlife Laws, Hunting Techniques, Survival, Archery and Wildlife Identification.

Ontario Wild Turkey Course:
Effective January 1st 2017 the requirement for a course or test for wild turkey licensing in Ontario has been dropped. The Wild Turkey course has been rolled into the standard hunter education course. Students taking the hunter education program in 2017 will be licensed for wild turkey hunting. All holders of an Outdoor Card with hunting privileges have been given “grandfathered status” and can apply for a wild turkey licence in 2017 2013 HEP Crestwithout having taken the old course or test. The wild turkey endorsement letter “T” has been removed from all Outdoor Cards renewed after January 1st, 2017. The previously purchased DVD is now available as a free service online.

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