Chief Firearms Office of Ontario

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The Chief Firearms Office’s (CFO) mandate is to ensure public safety as set out in Sec.5 of the Firearms Act. The Chief Firearms Officer is delegated his authority under the Act by the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services and the CFO administers the licencing requirements of the Act to individuals and businesses residing and operating within the Province.

Public safety, as defined in Sec.5 of the Act, is the fundamental principle upon which all licencing decisions are made.

The CFO is responsible for the following activities:

  • Issues, refuses to issue, renews or revokes firearms licences for businesses and individuals, authorizations to transport restricted and prohibited firearms, authorizations to carry restricted and prohibited firearms for  purposes prescribed within the Act.
  • Approves shooting ranges.
  • Approves the transfer of prohibited and restricted firearms and other regulated items between  individuals and businesses.
  • Conducts inspections of firearms licenced businesses and firearms shooting ranges to ensure compliance with the Act.
  • Attends court in relation to challenges to decisions made under the Firearms Act.
  • Prepares affidavits on behalf of police services for use in criminal trials and proceedings.
  • Maintains records in the Canadian Firearms Information System (CFIS)

The protection of public safety is the paramount goal of the CFO.  The CFO achieves this goal through partnerships and the professional, rigorous enforcement and administration of the Firearms Act and Regulations.