Welcome! Our trap ranges will be open on Wednesday evenings starting June 2nd, 2020.

2020 RRGC Industrial League

Wednesday June 24th and every Wednesday thereafter until Wednesday September 23rd.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions there will be no banquet for 2020 however there will be a Fun Shoot Awards Day on Saturday September 26th.

2020 Inter-County League Dates:

  • Currently cancelled at this time.

All shoots to start at 9:00am.

In the event of a tie, after 1st shoot off round there will be an additional shoot off round. If still tied, both names go on trophy.


  • ATA rules will be in effect concerning: misfires, malfunctions, flights and angles of targets.
  • A team may shoot with unlimited number of persons, but only the top 5 scores count per shoot.
  • A shooter must shoot at least 5 shoots to qualify for the shoot-off & 6 shoots to qualify for trophies.
  • All ties will be broken on shoot-off day.
  • Must be paid before shooting – 25-16yd. & 25-22yd.
  • League to pay for the junior’s shells.
  • Host club to donate the junior’s birds.
  • A club not fielding 5 shooters must take the lowest qualifying score shot for the day.
  • The traps must be set before the shoot at 10 feet in height, plus or minus 2 feet and 10 yds. in front of trap.
  • Cost is $15.00 per shooter with $5.00 being forwarded to the association.
  • Shoot-off day – Shooter pays for targets, League pays for the banquet meal.

RRGC TEAM CAPTAIN:  Captain Bob English

2014 Industrial League Results posted on Match Results page