Shooting Disciplines

The Value of a Gun Club

Shotguns, Rifles, Handguns……….Non-Restricted, Restricted, Prohibited Categories………Bolt, Break, Pump, Lever, Semi-Auto, Automatic, Revolver Actions………Long-guns, Hand-guns or just plain guns…………however you describe them, these are the tools of this hobby. The shooting sports hobby. Enjoyed by thousands of Ontarian’s, tens of thousands of Canadians, each and every day.

The shooting sports are one of the safest sports a person can partake in. In this modern world what other hobby is so roundly criticized while at the same time so micro-managed by the authorities. Mandatory Federal firearms safety training, firearms licences, government inspected and approved gun ranges, club level gun safety courses, these are just some of the things an average shooter encounters in the pursuit of their sport.

Within this sport you will encounter people who only use one gun like a rifle or a shotgun. They may be a hunter who wishes to sight in his rifle and needs a range to do so. They may be a clay busting shotgunner. They may be a tin can plinker. Or an air rifle / pistol target shooter. They may even be a pistol shooter who likes to compete in an action style event. But they are all gun owners and as such there is a growing need to band together; to promote this sport; to ensure this sport continues into the future.

There was a time, not so long ago really, when high schools came with gun ranges. In the 60’s I recall my entire high school being called out on parade for army cadet training. Teachers formed the officer cadre. Fifty years later and you can now be suspended for bringing a target to school, having a spent shell casing in your pocket, even pointing a finger. What the hell happened?

On the tabs in this section we’ll explore some of the variations of the sport you might be interested in. Some are popular and shot at this club. Others are not so popular and may not be practiced here. Either way, it is your choice, the path you choose is your own. As long as you are safe and legal you shoot what you want. Just remember, if you aren’t having fun, why are you here?