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MESSAGES UNDER CFO WILLIAM V. PRICE                                           (CFO effective 1 Jan 2015)

A newsletter discussing general interest items such as baffles, steel reactive targets and ATT’s has been posted.

An important update to the rules regarding pellet guns, paintball and airsoft guns. This version direct from the OPP/RCMP spells out some major changes to the way some airguns are now to be treated, stored, carried etc.

A study about Lead and indoor ranges as well as a precautionary article regarding the purchase of firearms via the internet round out the messages so far from our newest Chief Firearms Officer.

MESSAGES  UNDER CFO C. WYATT (retired Dec 2014)

To All Shooting Clubs and Ranges Ontario:

Attached you will find a copy of the presentations from the speakers from our September 2014 Club and Range Seminar, copies of the handouts provided at the Club and Range Seminar; a copy of the shooting range checklist and the range presentation PowerPoint from 2013.

In addition, there is also an attachment regarding the change in the firearms licence renewal process and a copy of the CFO Spring 2008 Newsletter as a reminder regarding Holsters on Page 3.

Please share with your club membership.
Thank you,

sent on behalf of
Chris M. Wyatt, Superintendent
Chief Firearms Officer-Ontario

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