Bill C-42 Changes to your ATT – Confused?? This Might Help. Maybe.Probably Not.

To: All Ontario Shooting Clubs – Executive and Members
Firearms Act s. 29
All Ontario Firearms-Licenced Businesses
From: Inspector Steven B. Ridout
Deputy Chief Firearms Officer of Ontario
Re: Bill C-42 – Common Sense Firearms Licencing Act
Date: September 9,2015 Ontario
File Reference 676 20
On September 2,2015, the Common Sense Firearms Licencing Act came into force. Bill C-42 has changed significantly the landscape by which we conduct business, in particular to the issuance of Authorizations to Transport (ATT’s). Included in this package is the Questions and Answers script that was prepared by the Canadian
Firearms Program, and which is also available on their website at: rcinp-grc«gcxa/cfp-pcaf. I am also including some additional information for clients of the CFO of Ontario respecting the
scope and the limits of the changes effected by the Bill.
If you require further clarification or have particular questions relating to firearms transportation,
please do not hesitate to contact our office.
Yours truly,
Steven B. Ridout, Inspector
Deputy Chief Firearms Officer – Ontario