Become a Member

Membership in the Rondeau Rod and Gun Club entitles you, your family and your guests to enjoy what we offer 7/24/365. A single membership costs $113.00 per year (includes taxes) and is open anyone 18 years and older.  A family membership costs $158.00 per year (includes taxes) and includes your spouse and all children under the age of 18.

Because we are an OFAH insured club, all our members must also ofahloonhold OFAH membership. The current cost for OFAH  is $44.00 / Single and $54.00 / Family. This OFAH fee may be paid through the club when paying membership fees or can be paid by yourself directly. If you prefer to have the monthly Ontario Outdoors magazine subscription sent to you in digital form rather than a paper copy then the OFAH fees can be reduced to either $18.00 or $25.00 or $33.00 per year.

Unlike some clubs there are no working hours or volunteer hours necessary as part of your membership. It is $113.00 or $158.00 single or family rate (includes taxes) for the calendar year or pro-rated if joining mid-year. The pro-rated fee when joining mid-year can be found on the application form below. Submit the amount shown for the month that you are joining in rather than the full annual payment.

If you wish to have access to the clubhouse or the indoor range members can purchase an electronic key card for $20.00 ($10 of which is refundable if you return a working card on your leaving the membership). The fee is a one-time payment for the card not an annual payment.

If you have an existing ATT (Authorization to Transport) for restricted/ATTprohibited firearms we honour other clubs ATT’s. With the new style “Special Conditions” attachments to personal PAL’s the club no longer regulates club ATT’s. The person holding a PAL is responsible for their own “Special Conditions”.  Approximately 200 of our roughly 400 members hold ATT’s or “Special Conditions” . For complete details on ATT’s see the page “Club Level Restricted ATT”.

Please find the PDF membership form below. Dues are due January 1st. Late fee is applied after January General Meeting.  After February General Meeting all unpaid members will be considered  “no longer in good standing” and must re-apply for membership as a new member. The Dues Schedule is provided for new members applying mid-year who then are entitled to a pro-rated price the first year.  (Pro-rated rates do not apply to anyone who was previously a member of RRGC.)

NEW: changes to application process…..

Effective November 2015 the requirement for two sponsors has been eliminated in favour of a new policy which requires the prospective new member to appear in person at a monthly General Meeting with their application form. In this manner the regular club members in attendance at the meeting will be able to meet with, converse with and pose questions to the candidate before their application is voted upon. 

In rare cases where it is impossible for the prospective member to attend the General Meeting (last Wed of each month) a meeting between two Executive Members and the candidate will be arranged. After the meeting, the Executive members will present the application for review at an upcoming General Meeting.